CopperheadOS Documentation Repository

Welcome to CopperheadOS's public documentation repository. This site is hosted on Github and provides external users with technical information. All inquiries about CopperheadOS should be sent to Copperhead.
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Table of Contents

  1. Updates • Updates made to CopperheadOS
  2. Usage Guide • Recommendations on how to use CopperheadOS effectively
  3. Technical Overview • A technical overview of the currently implemented features
  4. Verified boot / remote attestation • Technical information on verified boot and remote attestation
  5. Building from Source • CopperheadOS build instructions
  6. Installing • CopperheadOS installation instructions
  7. Device comparison • Comparison between past and current devices supported by CopperheadOS
  8. License and copyright information • Information regarding CopperheadOS licensing