CopperheadOS Documentation Repository

CopperheadOS updates

This page is a list of the high level changes we’ve made to CopperheadOS corresponding to the build date of the release. CopperheadOS releases pre-July 2018 will be updated here in the near future.

Customers can check what version of CopperheadOS they are on by going to Settings -> System -> About -> Build Number.

Customers and licensed partners who would like to opt-in to Beta testing can do so by selecting “Beta” channel in Settings -> System -> Advanced -> System update settings

CopperheadOS Release: 2020.03.20

CopperheadOS Android 10 Release: 2020.02.12

CopperheadOS Release: 2019.11.09

CopperheadOS Release: 2019.08.10

CopperheadOS Release: 2019.07.10

CopperheadOS Release: 2019.06.10

CopperheadOS Release: 2019.05.05

CopperheadOS Release: 2019.04.20

CopperheadOS Android 9 Release: 2019.03.24

CopperheadOS release 2018.12.18

CopperheadOS release 2018.11.11

CopperheadOS release 2018.10.24

CopperheadOS release 2018.09.18

CopperheadOS release 2018.07.07